Maybe you've heard of the new zombie-inspired series ""Z Nation?"    Thousands of wanna-be zombies turned out for casting calls in Spokane last week and this.

It's the SyFy Network's entry into the world of sub-humans, joining The Walking Dead on AMC and others. At an estimated $70,000 a day it takes to shoot scenes for 13 episodes, producers and Spokane officials say it will provide over a $1 million dollar shot in the arm for Spokane, and potentially employ thousands of extras who would earn a little extra cash.

The series will begin to air in September on SyFy, and nearly all the initial footage is being shot in the Pacific Northwest, including Spokane and a few other areas.

What's the premise of the show? According to NW Cable News Network:

'The series is set three years after a zombie virus has devastated the United States. A group of ordinary people must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where a laboratory will analyze his blood, according to the Syfy website."

Sounds like it could be fun!