Once again, you've let us know your opinion on important or hot-button issues of today.

We recently asked you opinion on a couple of topics. First was, should Black Boxes be included in new cars starting in 2015? We also detailed reports that Dodge will be leaving NASCAR after the 2012 season. We asked for your opinion as to why. Here are the results:

For NASCAR and Dodge leaving, you responded as follows:

  • 50% of you said Chrysler (their parent company) was still hurting from the bailout
  • 25% said it's just too expensive to fund racing teams
  • just over 18% said Dodge is tired of being kicked around by Ford, Chevy, and Toyota
  • 8% said it was Obama's fault, he hates NASCAR

We also reported there is a movement in Congress to require airliner-style "black boxes" to become standard equipment in U.S. cars by 2015. We asked if you thought this was an invasion of privacy.  The rest of the answers really didn't come into play because 100% of respondents were solidly against the idea, saying it violates motorists privacy.

We appreciate your participation and the hundreds of you who vote. Keep watching for more polls and your chance to voice your opinion with Newstalk 870.