After a ten-day silence over recent domestic violence issues in the NFL,  Roger Goodell held a press conference Friday.

Goodell addressed the Ray Rice issue, as the former Baltimore Raven plans to appeal his indefinite suspension from the league over a video showing him punching his former fiance' - and now wife - in a New Jersey casino elevator in February.

  He pledged more "transparency" over the issue, and said mistakes were made in handling the Rice issue.  He said they shouldn't have had them in the same room at the same time when they interviewed them over the video.

When asked how TMZ, the gossip website, got the elevator punching video with "one phone call" and the NFL seemingly couldn't he said the league needs to re-evaluate the way it obtains information.  He also addressed several other players who've had domestic violence issues surface recently.

He also said the NFL is making personnel changes to better address the issue, and is working to forge relationships with various domestic violence groups.   According to USA Today:

"Goodell said the NFL needs to reach out for experts in the area in order for the league to improve on its personal conduct policy. "I expect I will have the committee in place by the Super Bowl."

And according to USA Today, Goodell was asked:

"...why domestic violence crimes weren't treated as harshly as others: "We should've had our personal conduct policy reviewed more frequently." Said the league needs to constantly rework and change the personal conduct policy, "The policy was not up to our standards."