Should people be worried, or is it just being paranoid?

The tech website reports this week the National Security Agency (NSA) has technology that allows it to reportedly hack into most common (and encrypted!) wi-fi systems from distances as far away as 8 miles.

Noted IT security guru Jacob Applebaum spoke last weekend at what is called the Chaos Communications Congress, which is a global meeting-of-the-minds of security, IT, computer and anti-spying experts and technologists.   Applebaum reported the NSA has a program called Nightstand that will allow them to hack into wi-fi networks for the purpose of planting spy software that will then track a computer's every move.

This program dates back to 2008, but Applebaum says it's indicative of perhaps even more sophisticated tools the NSA has at it's disposal.

However, in reading this article, we saw some very compelling and interesting comments left by some very knowledgeable sounding computer folks who say either the NSA really is Big Brother,  or all these stories about government snooping are part of what's called "The Battered Wife" syndrome.   Some critics say we're purposely being told we're being spied on by the government so people will refrain from criticizing the government, or pursuing what could be considered "anti-government" online activities - kind of a false deterrent.

One commenter, who claimed previous government IT surveillance experience, says 99 percent of snooping stories really aren't true.   It's a smoke screen.   Hmmm.   But others say while the NSA needs such capabilities to fight terrorism,  it's HOW they use the technology against regular citizens.

We will finish this article with an interesting quote from a commenter in the story named Kevin, who claimed previous government contracting IT work in this field:

 "...this entire NSA snooping on citizens is 99.9% false and it's been put out there to scare people into keeping their mouths shut about Obama and anything he does. It's what we called in the business, the 'battered wife' approach. "Baby I gots eyes everywhere and ears too, you talk about me, you talk to people about what I does to you, I'ma know all about it".

Ed Snowden might truly believe he is doing his own duty for the country, I don't know. But, he as at least a pawn of Obama, if not working with him knowingly. Every time the heat ticks up on Obama, out comes another leak from Snowden with the same narrative... "I gots eyes everywhere baby!! I see you, hear you, I know where you at, where you been where you going, you betta hush up! Merkel criticized Obama... and lo and behold... Snowden leaks that her cell phone has been hacked."

Wow!  It really does make you  wonder...what's in store for 2014!  Is Big Brother really watching us? Or hacking?