President Obama's trip to Portland and Seattle won't mean much to Northwest residents - except for traffic snarls and delays.

For the third time this year, Obama plans to visit the Pacific Northwest, but only to raise money for his campaign.   His trip, which began early Tuesday at a rally in Portland, will finish with a private dinner at the home of former COSTCO CEO Jim Sinegal in  the Lake Washington district, where the guests paid an estimated $36,000 to attend.    He will then address another group shortly afterward,  estimated to be about 200 at a reception, where they coughed up $5,000 just to be there.  

 Obama's trip is expected to "significantly" snarl traffic because he is arriving during the evening commute in Seattle (coming from Portland).    After leaving Boeing field to head to the private dinner and reception, numerous roadblocks will affect Interstate -5  then SR 520 (including the floating bridge across Lake Washington) as he makes his way along.  Seattle television stations and other media outlets are advising people who commute to try to leave Seattle before 5pm, or else expect delays on the cities busiest routes for at least an hour.   

  His trip contains no public appearances,  the Northwest swing is for fundraising purposes only.   Nice!