Sean Hannity has a heart. Apparently the stooges in the Affordable Care system don't.

Despite being given nothing in advance during her training, and receiving no warnings whatsoever, a health care exchange operator was fired for talking with Sean Hannity after he called the national hotline.

Hannity called the number and asked the operator how the enrollment was going. He asked what people's perceptions were and if it seemed to be working.

Erling Davis, the operator, had no idea he was going to call but agreed to answer some questions.

She revealed to Hannity that of the callers she worked with no one liked it.

Hannity learned Thursday that after his exchange with Davis on Monday, she had been FIRED from her $26,000-a-year job.

Reportedly, Davis's bosses fired her on the grounds that she was to have no media contact whatsoever. However, they failed to reveal that during her training.

In response, Hannity is going to give Davis a year's worth of salary and help her find a new job! 

Sean Hannity 1,  Affordable Care Act 0