Even if they had gotten away initially, police could have tracked them by their...smell!

Kennewick and Pasco police continue to investigate a break-in Saturday that resulted in two men fleeing through, not around, the sewage holding ponds in the Pasco Ainsworth water treatment plant in an effort to get away.   Ernesto Catillo Lopez and Earnest Torrez were discovered early Saturday morning having climbed the fence at the City Of Pasco maintenance shops.

    They were chased away from the alledged breakin south across town, and the two men waded through sewage holding ponds to get away.  Then they reportedly stole a car that was left running in the 400 block of Ainsworth, but were captured heading into Kennewick by the KPD.  While nothing was stolen from the Pasco shops, they are facing a variety of charges.  Perhaps one of them should be offending others with odors.  When the two men were captured, according to the KPD report, they were covered in feces.      Would NOT have wanted to be the officers who had to transport THEM to jail!