Especially if you have children,  listen up!

Thousands of households across the Tri-Cities have old, outdated, and potentially harmful drugs in their medicine cabinets.  While the vast majority of us don't misuse prescription medication,  old leftover meds can create problems.

This Saturday, from 10a-2p,  you can safely drop off any old, outdated or expired drugs at the Kennewick Police Department at 211 West 6th. Avenue.   Part of national Drug Take Back Day,  the program is designed to help homeowners rid their cabinets of potentially unsafe medications.

Imagine if you have a few leftover codeine pills from that trip to the dentist in 2010 sitting in the cabinet?  Or expired anti-biotics?   Medical experts say it's best to only have active, current prescription medications in your home.  Once you're done with old ones, they need to be disposed of.    There are numerous examples annually of people who mistakenly take these older, outdated drugs and end up with medical issues.  Too many old medications can make your medicine cabinet look like a confusing pharmacy.

Gather up all the old, expired and potentially harmful medicines you don't need and drop them off at the Kennewick Police Station Saturday from 10a-2pm.