We will resist any jokes about taking a gun safety course.

Sheriffs in Independence, Oregon -- just south east of Salem -- are reporting a man is dead after accidentally shooting himself with an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle he had stolen hours earlier!

Polk County Sheriff Bob Wolfe said the man, identified as 19-year-old Genaro Hernandez of West Salem had reportedly taken the gun from a house on Independence Highway early Sunday morning. The homeowner reported the AR-15, a shotgun, rifle and other items had been lifted in the burglary.

Later, sheriffs responded to a report of a gunshot on Halls Ferry Road near Independence and found Hernandez dead in his truck. Apparently the weapons were sitting on the floor resting against the bench seat with barrels up when Hernandez hit a large bump.

The bump caused  the shotgun to slide over and hit the trigger on the AR-15. Authorities said the gun fired a single bullet hitting Hernandez. The slug then went through the truck's roof.

Sheriff Wolfe said they believe Hernandez acted alone in the robbery and did not have accomplices.