A 25-year old man suffered significant cuts to his hands fending off an early morning assault near E. Columbia Drive and Gum Street.

Domminick J. Pruitt was walking home to Pasco around 5am when a vehicle passed by him several times.  It then stopped, and a subject - described as an Asian or Hispanic male - jumped out of the car, pulled a knife and demanded Pruitt hand over his phone.

Pruitt refused, and after the subject lunged at him with the knife,  he grabbed it and fought back.  The assailant was able to grab the phone, jumped back in the car and fled.  Pruitt was unable to provide a description of the vehicle.  He was able to reach a family member who took him to Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco, where police were able to interview him.

The only other details Pruitt could provide about his assailant was the man was probably in his 20's,  and about 5' 10" tall.