You've heard the Growing Forward and Out In Front series for years on Newstalk 870.

These messages provide tips, information, and inspiration for personal growth and development, as well as how to be a better leader - especially if you're a manager, business owner or boss, courtesy of Paul Casey of Growing Forward Services.

But often, regardless of our role, we have trouble setting boundaries.  How many times at work (and even at home!) do you find what you need and want to do being overrun by other's requests?  Do they overwhelm you at work? Having trouble juggling what's necessary and what can wait?   Or is someone at work even using you to pawn off extra responsibilities that aren't really yours?

Paul presents a Growing Forward seminar next Tuesday, February 25th, from 1-4pm at Abadan's 2nd floor conference room, 79 Aaron Way, in Richland.

The session, entitled "Setting Appropriate Boundaries at Work and at Home"  will give information, tips and strategies for how to set limits.  It's especially for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively say NO so they can say YES to their own priorities.   It can be done, and without destroying relationships or hurting others!

It's part of the Mid Columbia Leadership Development Association series for 2013-14.  Cost is $70, with special discounts for additional attendees.  For registration and information,  call (509)-392-1895 or check out details online at