Monday evening the Kennewick SWAT Team was involved in a standoff that led to multiple arrests. (photo courtesy of KNDU-TV).

The incident began in the 1800 Block of West 21st shortly after 10pm.  Several males were reported to be shooting at each other.  Police arrived and witnesses said the shooters fled into an apartment at 1812 West 21st Unit A, and a house next door.

Police surrounded both homes, and demanded the occupants come out.  Several did, and told police there were still 3 people inside who refused.  Eventually, the three surrendered to the SWAT team,  and said they were the ones being shot at.  2 of the 3 are confirmed gang members.   Police were able to determine they were confronted by the other gang.

Kennewick police say the suspects who instigated the incident fled the scene, while a second vehicle with additional "victim" gang members also fled, but crashed near 15th and Vancouver.  Police say the incident is gang related, and due to the lack of cooperation by all the detained suspects,  the  shooters who fled have not yet been identified.

In what could have been a tragedy, a 36-year-old woman who was in a parked car at the scene with two small children sustained a injury from flying debris when her car was struck by multiple bullets.   The two children laid flat on the floor of the vehicle and were not harmed.  Police say the woman is "related" to the apartment where the shooters fled, but she is not considered a suspect.  She was treated at the hospital and released.

Anyone with any information is asked to notify Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers immediately, at 509-586-TIPS (8477).   Police also say due to a large number of nearby neighbors who acted as very good witnesses, authorities were able to get a significant amount of information about the suspects and their vehicles.