Probably the businessman in Mitt Romney, or else he has some very creative people working on his campaign.  Romney's website is selling Magical Misery Tour t-shirts, in "honor" of Obama's recent Midwestern Tour.

Shortly after Obama announced plans that this week he would tour parts of Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and the Midwest in an effort to show he is in touch with America,  pundits began referring to it as the "Magical Misery Tour;"  because of the Stock Market Plunge, and unemployment rising to over 9.2 percent-again.  It was also fueled by this and last week's series of announcements about stimulus-powered businesses that went banktrupt-including several in the Obama-Biden touted clean energy business. Obama was hoping to rekindle 'the magic' of his 2008 election campaign, but this year is facing a far more daunting challenge.  It didn't help when the public learned the Obama Administration forked over 4.4 million in taxpayer money to pay for the two armored Canadian built buses for his expedition.