In a vote spurred by health issues (and no doubt good taste!)  the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors voted to ban nude dining in the city.

Perhaps to the disbelief of many,  such behavior has not been uncommon in the City By the Bay.   Especially in the Castro District, it is not uncommon to see unclothed people.  However, when it comes to sitting and eating in restaurants, City officials agreed probably not very sanitary.   Who wants to sit in a chair after some schlub has had his or her cheeks all over it?   the vote by the board was 11-0.  Violators face fines starting at $100 and escalating from there.   Perhaps this will also result in an economic boost especially from tourists;  it's likely in the past people lost their appetite after seeing some of these nudists in restaurants.   Who wants to eat breakfast in a booth next to a guy who looks like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man anyway?