Laughing at Liberals (LAL) is a group who videotape the activities of liberal and progressive groups, with the goal of simply displaying their often controversial actions live on tape, so you can draw your OWN conclusions. Thanks to their dedicated staff, we present some scenes from Seattle's May Day chaos.   LAL not only videotape protests, but also shoot extensive footage of political and government meetings, rallies and other related events.

This is how thousands "celebrated" May Day in Seattle.  According to reports from Laughing at Liberals staff and videographers, a number of violent, threatening acts of vandalism occurred.   The crowd included reportedly thousands of illegal immigrants.

The marched through town,  blocking streets and disrupting traffic,  demanding amnesty and $15-dollar-an- hour minimum wages.

HOWEVER according to Laughing at Liberals staff and videographers,   Seattle Metro Police and Homeland Security stood by and did nothing.   LAL says the law enforcement officials actually appeared to be 'escorting' their "parade" as it made it's way through the city.

We will be posting additional videos, including one of a man driving a BMW whose car was kicked and spit on as he tried to navigate around the protestors.    In another, the anarchists, as LAL calls them, call a black man a slave, and try to sabotage another man's video camera!

Shocking to think this kind of behavior is happening less than 275 miles from where we live. (All videos courtesy of Laughing at Liberals on YouTube).