The Federal Government is seeking the maximum sentence for the man who attempted to detonate a bomb along the Martin Luther King Parade Route in Spokane in January.

Kevin Harpham was linked to the bomb by evidence found at the scene.   He was arrested several months ago, and charged in Federal Court with attempting to detonate a bomb inside a backpack along the downtown parade route for the Martin Luther King Parade in Spokane in January.  According to the FBI, evidence from the investigation shows Harpham has a long history of white supremicist activities;  white supremicist books and other items were seized by the FBI at his father's house.  Pictures show the site where he tested the bomb, and surveillance photos place him along the parade route that day.  The Feds are seeking a 32 year sentence, the defense argued for much less because he has no prior criminal record, and the bomb did not go off.   The Feds claim the judge needs to consider that North Idaho has been a "hotbed" for white supremicist activity, and they believe Harpham will not learn from a shorter sentence.