Newstalk KIT -- our sister station in Yakima -- along with their news partner KIMA CBS TV recently reported a Yakima Valley-based Facebook page called "509hoesexposed" was bullying local women.

The Facebook page lists pictures and personal information about women the site claims are promiscuous when it comes to  sex.

The site had gone up Tuesday, then was taken down Wednesday. Yakima police apparently are trying to use a warrant to get Facebook to release all data about the person who started it. Yakima authorities are going after this person and could be charged with multiple counts of cyber-bullying. Because the creator used the people's information and pictures without their permission for the purpose of intimidating or hurting them, it is considered a crime.

According to other media reports, police might have some leads. We at Newstalk 870 hope Facebook will release this information and let the Yakima judges throw the book at this clown!