Many sources believe one of the deceased individuals found in a West Pasco home killed themselves, but now police have said it publicly.

According to sources, Pasco police Tuesday said they suspect Aaron Newport killed himself in the home on Redonda Drive in West Pasco.

Also found dead in the home was 28-year-old Monique Williams.   Authorities have not specifically said how long the two were in the home after they died.  They were found in a bedroom after police received a call asking them to check on the two.   They were found shortly after 8:30am Monday.

Police also confirmed Tuesday there was a shooting inside the house. Autopsies were said to be scheduled for Thursday.  The Franklin County Coroner has not given an official cause of death for either Newport or Williams,  and has not officially said it's a murder-suicide.   However, because authorities said earlier they were not searching for any outside suspects, many believed suicide was involved.  They have not officially said if Newport killed Williams and then shot himself.

No other specific have been released, but police described it as a "violent" crime scene.