Another Reason to Rake Up The Leaves This Fall
It's not always fun, raking up leaves and other fall yard debris. Seems like as soon as you do it, there they are...again!
But the West Richland Police Department shared this picture from a fire Monday that destroyed a shop. They were assisting Benton County Fire District #4 on this structure fi…
Finley Fire Made More Dangerous by Exploding Propane Tank [VIDEO]
Thursday morning, Benton County fire crews responded to a structure fire near Finley, at 19005 South 2038 Private Road SE.
Crews said no one was home, but the huge plume of smoke was reported by a neighbor. Although crews got it under control, the structure and motor home parked next to it were a tot…
Benton County Fire Crew Finds Body in Burning Car
Benton County Sheriff's are investigating the discovery of a body found in a burning car Sunday night.
Fire District 1 crews responded around 9:50pm to the location where the vehicle was burning, then called Deputies because they found a body inside...
Massive Haystack Fire Investigated Near Walla Walla [VIDEO]
Sometimes spontaneous combustion is responsible, but authorities are still looking at what caused this huge pile of hay to go up in flames, especially since it was reported early Saturday morning.
Walla Walla County fire crews, Sheriff's deputies and others responded to the 3100 block of Reser R…

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