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Insane Inflatable 5k Fun Run This Weekend
The Insane Inflatable 5K is coming to Tri-Cities this weekend! Get ready to experience the most fun, wild and insane obstacle run in the world. Get “pumped up” for a course filled with the world’s largest and most extreme inflatable obstacles ever produced…
Learn About the Great Local Charity You’ll Help with Neon Vibe 5K
The Extra Y.A.R.D. is the charity that is involved with the Neon Vibe 5K and it does really great work. An article in the Tri-City Herald describes the Extra Y.A.R.D. "a charitable effort to provide athletic training and tutoring for children who can’t afford the cost&a…
Sign up for Dec. 17 Cable Run
It's back again! One of the oldest walk/runs in the Tri-Cities....In the middle of December what good person in their right mind would run or walk a 1 mile or run a 5k or 10k? In December!