Summer Record for Electricity Use Broken 3 Days in a Row!
It's. Been. HOT! But you knew that. But you may not have know that the Bonneville Power Administration's record for peak summertime electricity consumption three days in a row! Due to temperatures in Portland and the surrounding areas being over 100, the air conditioner use has skyrocketed…
WARNING: Wildfire Danger is Extremely High Right Now
In the Benton and Franklin county areas the Washington State Department of Natural Resources are saying the risk of wildfires is very high. With the dry cold front coming in, it's creating the perfect conditions for fires to strike up...
How to Tell If It’s Too Hot to Walk Your Dog
With 100+ degree weather we're all struggling to give our kids and pets enough "outside time." But even if your animal has been cooped up all day, you could burn their feet by walking them when the asphalt is too hot.Here's how to tell:

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