Alleged Flasher Exposes Himself to Richland Children
Richland police say the incident occurred Wednesday.
Two juvenile age girls were playing near Stevens Drive and Wilson streets in Richland around 3:45pm, when a man called out to them from his car nearby. He then exposed his genitals as they approached, and continued to do so as they got near the car…
Transient Arrested for ‘Sexual Contact’ With Animal in Park
Combine powerful drugs with a potentially 'altered' state of mind, and you get this.
Sunday night, Kennewick police responded to Columbia Park for a report of a man 'getting busy', or at least trying to, with a wild animal.
Police did not specify what type of creature, but arrested…
Man Hanging From Treestand Rescued by Hunter in Oregon Woods
An man was miraculously found after he slipped and fell from a hunting treestand in a remote forest, and was dangling in his safety harness for 2 days.
Authorities say the man was up in a tree in the Umatilla National Forest, west of Highway 224 and near the Frazier camping area when he tumbled...
Thief Boldly Dumps Old Bike, Steals New Spendy One From Home
Pasco police are seeking to identify this man, as he made off with a bike that ranges in value anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or higher.
Tuesday during the lunch hour, this suspect rode up to a home in the 4000 block of Riverhaven in Pasco, ditched his old 'tired' bike, then made off with a n…
Who Throws a Thermos Into Traffic, Then Does it Again? This Guy Did
Early Thursday morning, Kennewick police were called to the intersection of Clearwater and Morain for a report of a man not only throwing a Thermos into traffic, but then darting among the cars to retrieve it--and do it again! Fortunately he didn't hit any vehicles, but several cars had to dyna…
Man Found Dead by Interstate near Prosser Identified
The case began with a lot of mystery, but wound up being an incident where the victim died of natural causes.
Authorities still have not said why the man was in that location, by a fence that separates I-82 from property near Prosser, but he apparently did not meet with foul play...

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