Coors to Make Pot Infused Beer, But Only in Canada
When the word first began to spread that Coors-Molson were going to pursue a 'joint' venture to infuse beer with cannabis, pot fans in the U.S. sat up.
But it will only be north of the border. According to Yahoo.com, the two brewers (who produce beer together on a number of projects) are g…
Proposed County Pot Law Would Could Force Medical Grows Indoors
Benton County Commissioners have proposed a new ordinance that would require medical marijuana grows to make some significant adjustments.
The new ordinance would require medical marijuana growing operations to be conducted where they cannot be seen or smelled by neighbors, including schools...
Appeals Court: Cities, Counties CAN Enact Own Pot Bans in WA
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Tuesday a three-judge state appeals court has ruled that his non-binding opinion on cities and counties enacting own bans is legal and it stands.
When I-502 passed, creating the legal pot business, several cities and counties where it was soundly de…

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