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19-Time Commercial Burglary Suspects Arrested
Walla Walla police believe they've apprehended two suspects who are linked to a long series of commercial and business break-ins, dating back to September.
Police say at least 19 such incidents have occurred since September at a variety of businesses...
Massive Haystack Fire Investigated Near Walla Walla [VIDEO]
Sometimes spontaneous combustion is responsible, but authorities are still looking at what caused this huge pile of hay to go up in flames, especially since it was reported early Saturday morning.
Walla Walla County fire crews, Sheriff's deputies and others responded to the 3100 block of Reser R…
Burglar Uses Huge Rock to Break Store Window, But Caught Anyway
A would-be thief probably didn't consider using a huge rock to smash in the entire front door window of a store might get people's attention.
Police now say the suspect who was arrested Friday night after breaking into Macy's In Walla Walla on Main Street used a large rock to take out the entire gla…

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