Authorities are searching for three men in connection with the shocking triple homicide that occurred in the early morning hours of August 9th, in a rural area in Southern Benton County.

Two women and a man were found dead in a farm field, having been shot to death.  Now, Benton County Sheriff's are seeking three men, according to breaking news reports.

They are 19-year-old Fernando DeJesus Miranda-Resendiz,  51-year-old Fidel Muranda-Huitron, and 24-year-old Eduardo Miranda-Resendiz.   Authorities believe they were recently residing in the Umatilla area but are believed to have left there shortly after the homicides occurred.

Anyone with any information concerning their whereabouts is asked to contact the Benton County Sheriff at (509)-735-6555.

(Image courtesy of KNDU-TV)  The men are pictured below.

Fidel Huitron (KNDU-TV - Benton County Sheriff)
Fernando Miranda Resendiz (KNDU-TV - Benton County Sheriff)
Eduardo Resendiz (KNDU-TV-Benton County Sheriff)