The public's help and generosity is needed and appreciated.

The Tri City Union Gospel Mission has, for decades, often been the last resort of hope and help for thousands of men, women and children in the Mid-Columbia.   In 2012 alone the mission provided direct help for over 3,000 people with meals and some 40,000 nights of lodging.   According to the mission, at least 1,600 people are living on the streets of the Tri-Cities and surrounding communities.  Their support and relief efforts include a wide variety of basic and other services.

The Mission has announced it's plan to build by 2015, a new men's mission center and outreach facility,  followed by a new women's and children's shelter.   The need for the new facilities is glaring,  UGM has grown by over 50% in the last three years, and while community donations and assistance have greatly helped, the need is outstripping the capabilities of their downtown East Pasco facility.

Due to space limitations, the current facility can only help about 10% of the Tri-Cities 30,000 people who are living well below the poverty level, as well as those on the streets.   This might seem surprising, but the mission is seeking huge increases in the numbers of young people in their 20's and 30's who are destitute and often homeless.  Because the vast majority of the people helped by the mission are men, the men's facility will be built first, followed by the women's and children's center.

To help raise the funds for the new facilities and programs, Adams Tri-Cities Enterprises, who own the McDonald's Restaurant franchises in the Tri-Cities, are donating $.40 cents of EVERY beverage purchased between now and December 24th to the mission building effort!  Given the number of customers who like to grab a drink at the many area McDonald's, this is a chance to raise a tremendous amount to help a very worthy cause.

Be watching here and listening to our radio stations to find out ways to help the Union Gospel Mission accomplish their goals of helping residents of the Mid-Columbia.