The leaders of California, Oregon and British Columbia are on the same page as Gov. Jay Inslee regarding climate change. They've formed the Pacific Coast Collaborative to create policies in ways that might affect your taxes, what you drive and possibly your job.

Back in 2008, Gov. Chris Gregoire, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, California Gov. Jerry Brown along with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark formed a group to study and implement environmental policy based upon the theory of climate change and global warming.

Inslee was active in the group prior to becoming governor.

After being rather quiet for several years, the group will hold a press conference Monday to announce what is being called a "landmark agreement on climate policy."

The 4 p.m. announcement will come from San Francisco and will also be attended by various business and environmental leaders. No details about what this new policy were released, but we took a look at the collaborative's website. It reads like an advocacy site for climate change supporters with links to stories about B.C. Premier Clark fully supporting Obama's climate change plans.

Inslee threw his full backing behind climate change in June of this year.

There's also a story about Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber "applauding" Obama's efforts to address climate change on a national level.