Wait til you see and hear what the WSN guys have planned for this fall!

Washington Sports Network, our media partner with Newstalk 870, is taking a little summer break. The Blitz, heard Saturday mornings at 10:30 on Newstalk 870, will return in August as we start to get ready for high school football.   The new Mid Columbia Conference will be taking shape, as it forms out of the old Big 9.

For the first time since nearly 1970,  the Yakima and Wenatchee schools will NOT be conference games.   Due to a long and drawn-out 'battle' over travel costs,  expenses and other issues,   Davis, Eisenhower,  Wenatchee, and Moses Lake will remain in what will (for now) be called the Big 9.   They will most likely be joined by Eastmont, West Valley-Yakima and maybe Sunnyside.

The Tri-City area schools decided, in a pre-emptive move,  to form their own league, and Walla Walla jumped in as well.   So starting this fall, in all sports, the New Mid Columbia Conference will be made up of Richland, Hanford,  Southridge, Kennewick, Kamiakin,  Pasco, Chiawana, and Walla Walla.  WW, Richland, Chiawana and possibly Pasco will be 4A,  the others 3A.

Keep listening to Newstalk870 and reading here, for details about upcoming radio broadcasts of the biggest high school contests in the MCC, as well as webcasts at the WSN website.   WSN has aired hundreds of games over the last two years, as well as providing the most in-depth coverage year round of high school sports; from football, to baseball, basketball and more.  They also have the top-rated local TV show in it's daypart, The Zone,  Thursday nights at 9pm on KFFX Fox 11.  You can also follow and like them on facebook as well!