For years, you've heard the insightful thoughts of Paul Casey (Growing Forward,  Out in Front)  on Newstalk 870.  Now, he's a published author!

Paul, who runs Growing Forward Ministries -a personal, business leadership and development life coaching service,  has a new book out.   It's called "The Static Cling Principle - What you Attach to Your Life Alters Your Future."

The book centers around how what we allow to "stick" or cling to us affects how we live our lives.  Do we "cling" to negative thinking?  Dwell in the past?   Tell ourselves 'if only this had happened, I'd be happy, better off, etc.?'

It also prompts you to ask questions about what habits, behaviors, people, relationships etc - good or bad - are "clinging" to you, how to keep the good ones, discard the destructive - and how to tell the difference.  It also helps you set filters, so in the future you can avoid behaviors, situations and other events that can cause negativity to once again "cling" to you like a dryer sheet grabs onto a piece of clothing and just won't let go.

Paul admits the idea came to him while he was considering putting these concepts together, but the real "aha" moment occurred when he was removing clothes from the dryer, saw the dryer sheet and static cling, and it clicked.

Plans are to have the book available in area Christian and other bookstores in the future, in the meantime,  you can inquire about getting a copy by contacting Paul at Growing Forward Ministries.

And keep listening for more personal and leadership growth tips with Growing Forward and Out In Front, heard every day throughout the day on Newstalk 870.