The scandal engulfing New York Representative Anthony Weiner has expanded to include new messages from another woman.

Both STAR Magazine, and confirm a new batch of messages from Facebook involving "sexting" between Weiner and a Nevada woman.  Besides over 200 messages of a "sexually explicit nature" between the unnamed woman and Weiner, she claims they talked on the phone for over 30 minutes, alledgedly using Weiner's government line.  When the woman attempted to call him back on the line, she received a recorded message saying it was for outgoing calls only.   The messages in question were from a Facebook account Weiner used up until last November 24th.  His followers were then directed to a newer account.

The Weinergate Scandal, as it is being called, began when a co-ed, 21-year old Genettte Cordova, received a picture of an underwear clad male crotch from Rep. Weiner's twitter account.  He has said that he cannot certify completely that it is not him in the picture.  Cordova is one of a number of women who follow him on Twitter, but has alledgedly never met him in person.  Weiner first attracted attention on the national political scene last year when he attacked conservative talk show host Glenn Beck over Beck's endorsement of  Goldline, an investment service that sells gold to people as a hedge against financial collapse.  Weiner claimed Beck and Goldline were giving false information about the stability and safety of investing in gold.

Also, according to Glenn Beck, three White House staffers were involved in the attacks against Goldine and other Beck sponsors. Now it appears Weiner is attracting attention in a whole new way, and given his last name, many of the jokes, attacks, and commentary has been rather vicious--much of which we cannot repeat here.