There were dozens, if not hundreds, of huge stories that happened in 2013.   But which ones did YOU follow the most?

Of course, the Boston Marathon Bombings came in at #1,  hard to exceed that.  Over 63% of Americans surveyed by Pew said they regularly followed the shocking news and followup stories.  Running a very close second, but perhaps the biggest story of the year was the ongoing news about Obamacare.   The Pew study reflected people who had an ongoing interest and kept following news about these and the stories listed below. 

But some of the other big ones included:

  • Obama's gun proposals (from January)
  • Fiscal cliff deal  (January)
  • Budget Sequester (March)
  • Government monitoring -NSA - (June)
  • IRS scandals and targeting (May)
  • Benghazi investigation (May)
  • Eric Snowden leaking NSA information and his flight to asylum.

Don't forget about, as well:

  • The George Zimmerman trial (Treyvon Martin)
  • The Paul Dean incident (she was accused of racism and lost her job on Food Network)
  • Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots tight end who was accused of gang involvement and murder.
  • The choosing of a new Pope by the Catholic Church
  • The Syrian Civil War

What will happen in 2014?  We have absolutely NO idea, but Newstalk870 will be here to present it to you and stick around to talk about it as well!