We continue to take a look at the 13 declared candidates who are hoping to succeed one of the most influential members of the House of Representatives over the last 20 years. We started with 14, but candidates must have officially declared to run, or have filed their intentions with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Previously, State Representative Brad Peck was among the 14, but as of April 11th,  he had not formerly declared, according to news reports.

We're presenting a few details about each of the candidates, plus links to where you can see their campaign pages, and find out where they stand on the issues.

Previously, we looked Dr. Mohammad Said (D),  Clint Didier (Independent),  Dan Newhouse (R),  Estakio Beltran (D) and Josh Ramierez (Independent).    We present these candidates in random order, not based upon any polling data or other criteria.

6) Brad Peck (R) - Peck is a very familiar name, especially in Franklin County.  He has been a County Commissioner since 2009.  He was re-elected to that position in 2012.   He is a former Air Force officer, including 4 years working at the Pentagon, and has been been a manager at Energy Northwest.  He is also the Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party.

7) Jenea Holmquist-Newbry (R)   She has been active in state politics since 2001, as a three-term member of the State House of Representatives from the 13th District (Moses Lake -Grant County).  In 2006, at the age of 31, she became the youngest State Senator in Washington State history.   She is the Chairwoman of the State Commerce and Labor Committee. Of all the candidates she has the highest level of legislative experience, being in the State Senate.

8) Gavin Seim (R) The owner of a multi-studio photography-video company, Seim hails from the Wenatchee area.  He started his own business at 17, is home-schooled,  one of the most outspoken of the candidates, and one of the youngest at age 29.   He recently returned from Nevada after joining with the Bundy Ranch supporters against the BLM. Seim  began to construct a potential campaign to run against Hastings in fall 2013, prior to Doc's retirement announcement.

9) Tony Williams (Democrat) Little is known about Williams, who hails from Yakima.  He is one of a number of Democrats from the Upper Valley who have declared.  His last entry into politics was a run for Yakima City Council in 2003.

10) George Cicotte (R)  He is a Kennewick attorney, who founded the Cicotte Law Firm LLC in 2002.  The former law graduate from BYU also worked at a large legal firm in Washington D.C. before coming to the Tri-Cities.    Cicotte has come out of the gate full speed, with a very aggressive campaign.

We will present the last three candidates in our final installment of this series coming this week.   It's important to know who's seeking your votes, to make an informed decision.   The candidates only have a little over 3 months to make an impact and gain traction with voters, as the primary comes in August.

At that time, these 13 (and anyone else who declares) will be whittled down to 2 finalists for the general election to see who replaces Doc in Congress.