A Benton City man is in the county jail accused of riding around town on a bike while intoxicated waving a chainsaw and assaulting Sheriffs deputies.

Wednesday, 43-year-old Steven S. Eggers was taken into custody after a difficult struggle with Benton County Sheriffs. Hours earlier officers responded to a domestic violence call to a residence that turned out to be Egger's home. While trying to contact the woman inside, officers were forced to shoot and kill a large, aggressive dog who threatened the deputies. Hours later, apparently upset over his dog being shot, Eggers was seen riding around town on a bike waving a chainsaw and threatening to kill people. Officers said he was intoxicated and put up quite a fight while being restrained, spitting blood at officers and ramming his head against the bulletproof divider glass in the patrol car!

Our only question would be, is he going to face a psychological evaluation? News reports have not indicated he will, but there will obviously be more to this story.