It has been going on two years. Authorities charged Tashia L. Stuart in the shooting death of her mother in March of 2011.

Stuart claimed self-defense saying Hebert had charged at her with a hatchet. Her husband, Todd Stuart, has already been acquitted of any role in the shooting death.

Defense attorneys said this week any chance of Stuart going to trial by the February date is "an illusion." The snag appears to be the time it has taken to get key evidence turned over to the defense to prepare for trial, such as ballistic and blood-spatter reports, which are currently being evaluated at the state crime lab. The judge in the matter had set a Nov. 15 deadline for having the evidence available for the defense, but  Attorney Peter Konig says that will not be feasible based on his experience with the lab.

Once the evidence has been processed, it must be made available to the defense as well. Then they will need to be given time to provide their own response to the evidence before the trial.

Defense attorneys say the evidence has yet to be provided to them.