A 2 year old Moses Lake boy found late last week by DSHS Child Services and Grant County Sherriffs is in critical but stable condition in Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

New information has surfaced about the 2 year old boy who was taken to Providence-Sacred Heart hostpital in Spokane suffering from malnutrition and abuse.  Four other children found in the home are now in the custody of CPS after being taken from the same home.  Grant County authorities and DSHS officials have not released any information about the parents or guardians, and officials are being tight lipped about their identity for fear of public anger and outrage that often comes such incidents.

The other children, a 14 year old boy, and three girls aged 10, 7 and 4, were apparently in good health and did not show signs of abuse.  DSHS/CPS officials had no previous contact or dealings with the family, whom authorities said mostly kept to themselves.

The 2 year old boy weighed 9.9 lbs according to hospital officials,  who say a normal child that age should be at least between 26 and 34 lbs.

(After a brief flurry of updates about the family allegedly belonging to a religious faith or belief that does not utilize doctors and some other information,  this story has almost disappeared from view.  No new information has been made available).

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