WSP stop boat race weekend (WSP Trooper C thorson twitter)
WSP stop boat race weekend (WSP Trooper C thorson twitter)

According to information from the Washington State Patrol, 13 drivers got arrested for a DUI boat race weekend.

  One driver nailed going 122 miles an hour on I-82

Trooper Chris Thorson says the WSP was using an aircraft to patrol parts of Interstate 82 near the Locust Grove exit but didn't say if that was the stretch of I-82 where the 122 MPH driver was caught.

13 people were cited for DUI, and there were 22 accidents (collisions) over what WSP considers to be the three days of the Water Follies.

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The WSP also reported on Sunday they stopped one driver who was traveling 28 MPH over the speed limit, then in another county, the same car was pulled over after traveling 25 MPH over the limit not long afterward.

Fortunately, no reportable injuries or at least none were released by the WSP.

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