Back on April 20th, Kennewick Police responded to a call from an area hospital, a man had been 'dumped' there suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.  This image is the area where two suspects were arrested on Monday. The victim has been ID'd as 25-year-old Ezekiel Sanchez of Kennewick. 

2 arrested and facing charges in the death

Sanchez was dropped at an area emergency room, and reportedly the driver who brought him there also abandoned their vehicle. Police were able to determine the scene of the fatal shooting was near South Dayton and West 1st. Ave. To review that part of the incident, click here. 

This image is from the original crime scene area.



Now, Police were able to determine two suspects in the fatal shooting. Kennewick officers determined that 26-year-old Ramon Candido and 23-year-old Beatriz Terrazas were the likely suspects. They were the ones seen in one of two vehicles linked to the shooting.  Monday, April 25th, while Police were surveilling a home in the south 300 block of Kellogg  they saw Candido driving by, they tailed him to a home in the 7800 block of West 6th, where he met up with Terrazas.

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Officers swarmed the area, and both were taken into custody without incident.

According to the KPD report:

"Ramon was booked into the Benton County Jail for the alleged crime of Murder in the 2nd Degree. Beatriz was booked into the Benton County Jail for the alleged crime of Rendering Criminal Assistance in the 1st Degree."

Their vehicle was seized and taken to police impound as evidence. We still don't know directly what led up to the fatal shooting of Sanchez, the investigation continues.


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