Getty two counties push to move to Idaho
Getty two counties push to move to Idaho

Actually, the number wanting to jump is 3.  But Nov. 3, two Oregon counties officially passed resolutions about moving to Idaho.

The project is called Move Oregon's Borders for a Greater Idaho" and it would essentially move two Oregon counties into that state.

You may recall months ago Douglas County (one of the largest geographically) already passed a vote to move towards leaving Oregon and joining the Gem State. It got more than twice the necessary votes. Then it would go to the state legislature. However, now, that movement appears to have fizzled. We list why, below.

Now, Union and Jefferson Counties passed what were called Measures 31-101 and 31-96 respectively, to force their county commissioners to hold hearings about the relocating of borders.  Two other counties, Wallowa and Douglas, it failed.

That is surprising, as Douglas, months ago, was all ready to leave the state.  Either way, now Union and Jefferson have to hold meetings to consider the matter.

This goes along with the 51st. state project in Washington, where the proposal would be to split us down the Cascades, and make a 51st. state called "Liberty."

Oregon supporters cite the same reasons as those in Washington, tired of being overrun politically by the more liberal, more populated west side.

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