A week ago, the Grant County Sheriff's Office and Moses Lake Police were searching for the suspect(s) who hit a man with a truck and then drove over him.

The man suffered injuries but they were not fatal

Last Wednesday, February 14th, Police and Deputies responded to an area located in what's called The Peninsula, a part of town that sticks out into Moses Lake.

  Around 10:20 PM they arrived to find a man had been hit by a truck, then the assailant drove over him. Later reports indicated the man suffered some leg injuries. Officers had little to go off of, except for some grainy still images taken from a VCR camera security system.

Officers said the man had gotten into an argument with the driver, which escalated into a brief scuffle. When the victim attempted to flee, the pickup driver 'chased' him and hit him, then fled the scene.

   Two teen suspects are now in custody.

The MLPD reported on Wednesday that thanks to tips and leads from citizens, they were able to identify, locate, and arrest two 16-year-old teen boys, who were in the truck at the time of the assault--one was the driver.

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They are both facing 1st. Degree Assault charges and have been booked into the Grant County Juvenile Facility.

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