Back on May 12, officials with the Pendleton Round Up had told various media outlets in Oregon they had hoped to "ride" out the COVID wave, and were cautiously optimistic the 2020 Round Up and related events could occur.

That came crashing down Friday, June 19th, when the announcement about cancelling came down. For the FIRST time since World War II, there won't be a rodeo or Happy Canyon Pageant or more.

Rodeo and event officials, say the East Oregonian, HAD presented a plan to state health officials about how they could safely operate the event, but after looking at the state requirements and logistics, just decided it was not feasible. The hurdles were just too many.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown weeks ago had issued a statement saying no concerts, sporting events or other "large crowd" gatherings in her state until end of Sept. That not only affects Pendleton, but the Oregon-Oregon State football games coming to Eugene and Corvallis, and more lower level NCAA football schools and other sports.

Now the Rodeo Association is focusing on the Let R' Buck Cares Foundation, which will raise money to help support all the businesses, groups and associations who normally make revenue from their participation in the event.

Refunds will be given to those who had already made ticket and event purchases. To find out more about the cancellation, and to get details and donate to the Let R' Buck Cares Foundation, click on the button below.

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