The number of Washington residents who have contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated has more than doubled since tracking first began.

On March 30, 2021, the state began releasing data following the ramping up of the vaccination programs. At that time 102 persons were said to be "breakthrough cases," meaning despite receiving a full course of a vaccine.

According to the Department of Health, a person is considered breakthrough if they develop or test positive for COVID-19 two weeks or later after receiving the full course.

Wednesday, April 14, the DOH released new figures showing that number has climbed to 239.  There are breakthrough cases now in 24 of Washington state's 39 counties.

According to the Department of Health officials:

"To date, more than 1.7 million people have been fully vaccinated in Washington state. The breakthrough cases represent a small portion, about .01 percent, of the fully vaccinated population."

It is perhaps not overly surprising this is occurring when you consider the number of people who get the annual seasonal flu (in normal years) despite getting the flu shot.

  According to the CDC, getting a flu shot annually reduces your chances of getting sick anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. That is a far cry from any guarantee.

But listening to Gov. Inslee and some state officials, the public is being given the perception (even if it's unintentional) that the COVID vaccines will make you bulletproof.  Even the CDC said prior to Easter that vaccinated persons could participate in far more social and other gatherings than those who have not been vaccinated.

Of the 239 people who have become breakthrough cases, five have died, although they were all over the age of 67 and had underlying health conditions.

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