Friday, two suspects from a 25-year-old child rape case were convicted of multiple counts of child rape, and will face sentencing soon in Benton County Superior Court.

The case represented one of the longest running and hardest cases to crack. In September 1998, Deputies began an investigation of Prosser residents Eduardo and Alejandro Martinez, accused of raping and assaulting two children, ages six and seven.

The actual assaults occurred in 1995.

Detectives interviewed and investigated and Alejandro actually confessed. But before Deputies could formally arrest them, they both fled the state. Arrest warrants were issued as part of a national database. Officials had been able to piece together enough evidence, including the confession, to charge both men.

Fast forward to February of this year, Norwalk, Connecticut officers notified Benton County Eduardo Martinez had been contacted by them about a car accident in their jurisdiction. The Norwalk Police saw the rape data flag and called. Benton County officials were able to determine both suspects were in that city. They were both located and arrested at residence in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut.

They were extradited, a trial began September 30th. Friday, both suspects were formally convicted for child rape related to the incident. They will be sentenced soon, say officials.

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