Here Are 4 Famous Houses You Can Visit In Oregon And Washington

There are four famous homes that have been featured in some of your favorite movies and TV shows and you can get to them from Tri-Cities Washington.


These Houses Have Been Featured In Twilight And Sleepless In Seattle

Most people recognize Astoria Oregon as a destination location for The Goonies filming sites but there are several other places that have shown up in movies worth checking out.

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Who could forget Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Sleepless In Seattle or Bella and Edward in Twilight? The one thing that does astonish me is that these homes and places are pretty pricy real estate here in the Northwest.

Take A Peek Inside Famous TV/Movie Houses In Washington And Oregon

One home on our list does make total sense in terms of its value and it's ironic to discover that the house isn't even in the town location that it's supposed to be in.

Another thing that is surprising in movies is that homes and houses and shooting locations aren't even close to where they are supposed to be in relevance to the story or plot of the movie.

We've compiled 4 homes in Washington and Oregon that you can take a look at that were featured in movies and TV's that you'll instantly recognize.

Popular Mechanics ran an article on TV and movie homes across the nation and featured many other famous homes in other states.

Here are the four homes they spotlighted in their article:

4 Famous Movie/TV Houses You Can Visit Near Tri-Cities Washington

Take a road trip and check out these houses in Oregon and Washington that have been featured in some of your favorite movies and TV shows.

If you're a fan of any of the above-mentioned movies, you might check those locations the next time you are out on a road trip.

You can check out more famous homes here.

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