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As gas prices continue to climb in WA state due to the state's carbon tax program, more attention is being focused on road conditions.

A new study says we're 46th in the nation for road conditions

 The 27th Annual Highway Report released a short while ago by the Reason Foundation shows  WA state is not highly ranked when it comes to our highways.

The study utilized 13 categories including city (urban) and rural pavement conditions, unsafe bridges, traffic deaths, the disbursement of money for capital and maintenance projects, and more.

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WA ranked dead last for capital, bridge, and maintenance disbursements (making funds available for projects), WA also ranked 45th in rural interstate pavement conditions, and 30th and 20th in other urban pavement condition categories.

The state did do well, ranking in the top six in certain fatality rates.  Although the carbon tax program is not tied to roads, like the gas tax, the price of gas had fueled more attention and discussion about what's being done to improve WA state roadways.

The state had one of the highest gas taxes in the nation

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