If you are a guest this year for Thanksgiving it is always appreciated when you bring a gift to the host...Here are 5 ideas to make you a very thoughtful guest...


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    Something Sweet

    Pumpkin pie is a no brainer but cookies or even a box of chocolates are always a great idea!

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    A Bottle of Wine (or Two)

    Bringing a bottle of wine is a great way to say thank you and relieve some of the financial burden off the host who let's face it probably spent a small fortune throwing the dinner!

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    rfduck, Flickr

    Side Dishes

    Always ask the host if you can help by bringing a specific side dish for instance I am bringing the Dressing since my host is not making any and I love stuffing!

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    Flowers or Plant

    I love all the holiday themed flower arrangements and they always add a festive touch to the dinner party.

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    Leftover Containers

    As we all know there are always tons of leftovers on Thanksgiving bring a few containers in case the host wants to unload some of the Thanksgiving goodness on you

    (you may want to keep them in your car)

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