The race to fill Doc Hasting's seat at the end of the year is getting busy!

Tri-City area activist and volunteer Jamie Wheeler announced Wednesday she will be running in the race to seek the 4th Congressional District seat that will be vacated by Hasting's retirement at the end of 2014.

Wheeler, a conservative, has held numerous volunteer positions in the over 20 years she has lived in the Tri-Cities, she also works in the care-giving career field, and previously has sought political office.  She ran against Hastings in the 2012 primary election along with two other candidates, but Hastings moved on to to victory and in the general election.

According to her website from the 2012 campaign, three of Wheeler's top priorities were:

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act
  • Oppose the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
  • Reduce the national debt

Wheeler has also garnered support from the Tri-Cities TEA Party, she is a strong supporter of the Fair Tax proposal, and included the following statement in her announcement:

"Many concerns draw her attention to: our Armed Forces, Agenda 21, Common Core, and our government’s Fiscal Instability. Also concerning is the constant confiscation of American's paychecks through the Income Tax, IRS targeting of individuals, groups and organizations, plus the fact that the US has the highest corporate tax in the world, and now we are dealing with theAffordable Care Act/Obamacare, increasing healthcare costs for millions of Americans!  One way to solve manyof those problems is through co-sponsoring and promoting the passage of the FairTax bill HR25 currently sitting in the House Ways and Means Committee. "

Wheeler plans a format announcement event on Friday, February 28th at 1pm at the Red Lion Columbia Center.  She will also have a public meet and greet event that day from 5:00 to 8:30 pm at 1409 South Underwood st. in Kennewick. More information is available about Wheeler at her Facebook page and you can follow her on Twitter as well.

Candidate Jamie Wheeler
(Courtesy Jamie Wheeler campaign Facebook page)


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