You might have seen one of these come to your mailbox, a rather edgy political flyer.

Defending Main Street PAC goes after Culp, 'mobster' style

First of all, this is not an endorsement of any of the candidates running for Congress in the 4th District. But this ad got our attention.

We also know politics and elections are down and dirty, and not for the faint of heart. But this flyer definitely is the edgiest we've seen in some time.

Who is Defending Main Street PAC? 

According to their website, they are a political action committee committed to supporting Republican candidates in key swing states. From their website:

"Defending Main Street (DMS) is a highly effective SuperPAC that defends key incumbent Republican seats and identifies new candidates who are ready to work across the aisle to get things done. Our candidates (and Members) are committed to enacting common-sense, bipartisan legislation on kitchen-table issues such as health care, equal pay, childcare, education, clean water, and infrastructure."

Their website says "less yelling, more doing,"  yet this ad they sent out appears to go against the moral 'high-ground' approach they seem to be trying to get across on their page.

Some of the candidates they supported in 2020 included Rep. Cliff Bentz of Oregon, and interestingly, Rep. Jamie Herrera Butler of WA. She was one of the GOP House Reps who voted for the post-Presidency impeachment of Donald Trump.

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The flyer they sent out attacks Loren Culp by pointing out alleged financial and political missteps, and calls him a "self-dealing tax cheat."

The flyer uses clever digital tools to dress Culp like a mobster, complete with a cigar. We reached out to Defending Main Street and asked them some questions about this flyer, we will update when we get a response.


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