Pasco police now say the man accused of making unwanted sexual advances towards his roommate is facing assault and sexual motivation charges.

Authorities say the woman, whose age was not given, had been living in the same home with 61-year-old James Ray Danley in Pasco. She told police they were not in a romantic relationship, only shared living in the home.

January 16th, police say Danley began making unwanted sexual advances towards her, including grabbing her crotch, backside and chest. When she refused, she told officers he jumped on top of her, headbutted her, punched her and dragged her on the floor.

She was able to break away and run to a nearby corner where she called police from a business near 4th and Court. She was able to secure other lodging and not have to go back to the home.

Police found facial injuries to the woman's face consistent with her story. Police then arrested Danley on January 21st when they received an anonymous tip that he was at his home in the 1500 block of North 3rd. near Court. He's now in the Franklin County jail.

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