The ironic part of all this? Not a peep from the Governor's office or his staff.

The Washington State Patrol Tuesday announced the final 'cuts' of workers who did not meet the vaccine mandate, 127, including 74 troopers. These included Trooper Robert LeMay, a 22-year vet who worked in the Yakima Valley area.

His epic YouTube signoff video has gone viral, and he was interviewed on the Glenn Beck Nationally Syndicated morning radio talk show Tuesday.

"State 10-34, this is the last time you will hear me in a State Patrol car.  And Jay Inslee can kiss my ass...!"  

That was his epic line. As we total up the dismissals, the Kitsap Sun has done some excellent reporting on the turmoil taking place with the states' ferry system. To us, it may seem distant and foreign, but to the Northwestern part of the state and Puget Sound, ferries are vital to many counties.


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The Sun reports at least some 200 ferry workers are not vaccinated, out of 1,900 who operate the system. WA State and Inslee claim 90 percent of mandated workers are vaccinated, but in the ferry system alone, that's nearly 11 percent. And that is a rough estimate. There are believed to be others who are not fully vaccinated. They're expected to be gone at least by mid-week.

 These cuts include WA State Fire Marshall Charles LaBlanc, who is giving up a 30-year state career, since 2017 serving as the state's top fire official. He turned in his badge in protest over the mandate.

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KUOW Radio reported the Department of Corrections was preparing to lose at least  500 of it's 8,900 total workers.

And, the highest-paid state worker, WSU football coach Nick Rolovich, was fired as well.

And, it is worth noting, that many of the thousands who got exemptions to the mandate were reassigned and were not allowed to keep their original jobs. WSP Trooper LeMay told the Glenn Beck Progam Tuesday morning many of the WSP workers who were given exemptions were still let go because WSP didn't "have any jobs for them." 

He said many workers are being lied to by the state, even by their unions when it comes to the mandate.

We are continuing to search for other databases showing what departments were reporting as far as terminations across the state.

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