According to information released by KIRO Newsradio Seattle and AM 770 KTTH, the state (Inslee and officials) have reached a "deal" with labor unions that cover approximately 95 percent of King County public sector employees.

It was announced by King County Executive Down Constantine. But we all know, as King County goes, so goes the state.

Late yesterday, this 'deal' was reportedly reached. While it does not do away with the vaccine mandate, here's what it does do:

"The new agreement between the county and unions relaxes that timeline, giving workers a chance to avoid being fired for not being compliant if they complete the vaccination process by Dec. 2. It also makes it so that county employees unable to work due to side effects brought on by the COVID-19 vaccine will be permitted to use COVID leave during their recovery, and will be given paid leave if they test positive for the virus."---KIRO

Earlier in August, as part of his attempts to persuade people to get the vaccine, Inslee had been quoted as saying "no reason to abandon a career over a vaccine mandate."

While some say he was trying to appeal to people's sensibility, it showed some cracks in his attempts to come across as authoritarian. Inslee regularly bounces between trying to be 'mr. folksy-of-the-people,' and being an insensitive bully--but doesn't really have any punch.

This 'deal' clearly shows there's behind-the-scenes worry about losing hundreds-if not thousands-of state and healthcare workers over this mandate. This includes the several hundred WSP troopers and others who clearly stated they were read to retire or quit rather than get a vaccine.

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Coupled with numerous counties looking at losing anywhere from 15-30 percent of their fire crews and EMS workers (Walla Walla and Columbia Counties for example) and this deal clearly shows the state is not enforcing the line it drew in the sand.

The question is, will this go statewide? The timing is curious, as Inslee is slated to have a press conference Thursday, Sept 23 at 3 PM.

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